The Web Sheep comes from the collaboration of a group of young professionals in the field of information technology and in particular specialized in hardware assistance and social media marketing. Our team has specialized in the supply of goods and services of high quality standards, intended for demanding customers, who use IT tools as a work tool, and in particular:
- studies tailor-made solutions for different customers, from the single component to the entire IT system on the network and not;
- chooses the electronic components it provides, always looking for a quality level of excellence, never moving away from the right policies to optimize the quality / price ratio;
- provides IT consultancy; provides technical support for hardware and software online, by mail or directly on-site;
- organizes courses for learning advanced use of operating systems and programs for business productivity (eg Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet,etc.).
- provides complete solutions for websites such as domain registration, web space, site development and e-commerce. The Web Sheep is therefore the ideal partner for those who demand maximum and continuous productivity from their computer system.
- provide customized solutions for those who want to save time and energies offering specific and specialized services on the most advanced softwares used to improve the impact of the media.

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